When Plutos Attack!

Updated October 14th - Chapter Four Outtake - "Who Will Have The True Power To Bring About Fanfic Ecchilution?" uploaded
Chapter Five - "Blondage (formerly "No Thanks... Nurse Scott?") revised

Updated July 15th - Chapter Five - "No Thanks... Nurse Scott?" uploaded

This is Scott Summerton's (me!) "When Plutos Attack!" homepage. Here you will find all the currently available chapters and outtakes of "When Plutos Attack!" co-written with Emporess, as well as the inevitable sequels, spin-offs, etc. Profiles will be up soon, as well as pictures from various Chapters, a 'who-wrote-what' listing and maybe even commentary from a few other fanfic authors if they'll let us...

Enough chit-chat! Go read and get demented-- I mean have fun! ^_^

Chapter 1 - Happy Birthday, Welcome To Hell!
Chapter 2 - Scott-chan In SenshiLand
Chapter 3 - Rule #3
Chapter 3 Outtake (Edited by Andrea Readwolf)
ALTERNATE VERSION: Chapter Three Outtake (Original Version)
Chapter 4 - Overture: Thunder And Lightning
Chapter 4 Outtake - Who Will Have The True Power To Bring About Fanfic Ecchilution? (Written by Emporess and DarkSong)
Chapter 5 - Blondage

COMING SOON: When Plutos Attack! Chapter 6 (Written by DarkSong)

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