Added June 22nd - "Pretty Fly (For A Hentai)" HENTAI story and banner co-written with Lord Chaos, Emporess, Andrea Readwolf and Kate Butler

Added February 8th - zips of "Divided Destiny" and "Divide By Zero"
and banners for "Shattered Rainbow", "Divide By Zero" and "Y1K"

This is where my written work will be displayed. Right now there only Sailor Moon fanfics. The one-shot "Let The Punishment Be The Crime" which leads into the six-part "Divided Destiny" and the newly finished "Divide By Zero" which is seven parts (0-5 and the Afterlogue) Then there is the truly standalone "Forever And A Day". There is also the prelude (Part Zero) of a darkfic called "Shattered Rainbow", a weird one called "S2K - Masaka!", a relatively short story called "Y1K" and a hentai (as in adult) story I co-wrote with 4 others called "Pretty Fly (For A Hentai)".

As of June 22 2000, current stories in progress are continuing chapters of "Shattered Rainbow", more chapters and outtakes of "When Plutos Attacks!" co-written with Emporess, sequels to "When Plutos Attacks!", a massive story called "Edge Of Heaven", two other stories in another setting and four other tentative ideas.

Banners for all banner-less stories are coming eventually. Some are already up!

Sailor Moon Fanfiction

Let The Punishment Be The Crime

Divided Destiny
Part One - Oh Boy Oh... Girl!
Part Two - Interesting Conflicts
Part Three - Tense Past
Part Four - The Fittest
Part Five - Struggling Powers
Part Six - Last Dance
Divided Destiny Complete Zip

Forever And A Day

Shattered Rainbow
Part Zero - Diary Entry For November 25th, 1999

S2K - Masaka!


Divide By Zero
Part Zero - The End's Beginning
Part One - Oh Boy Oh... Huh?!
Part Two - Border Wars
Part Three - Hidden Pleasures
Part Four - Old Flames
Part Five - Back To The Way Things Were
Divide By Zero Complete Zip

When Plutos Attack!
(co-written with Emporess)

Pretty Fly (For A Hentai)
(co-written with Lord Chaos, Emporess, Andrea Readwolf and Kate Butler)
Pretty Fly (For A Hentai)
[for mature readers only]

Recommended Reading

(Most of these can be found at A Sailor Moon Romance)

The Complete Works Of Lady Jupiter

The DreamWorld Tales
DreamWorld - The Last Tale
The Nocturnal Tour
Curse Of The Fanboys! (at carnage.fanfic.org)

Lord Chaos

Sailors Enslaved
Heavy Genesis

Samuel Louis Crider (aka Dr. Allosaur)

The Four Horsemen
Frozen Time
Kiss Of The Enemy
Under A Cloud
Pictures At An Exhibition

Ken Wolfe

Sailor Moon V - The Dark Adventures Of The Sailor Scouts
Troy Stanton

The Unity Saga
Sherri-Lee Thornton

Elizabeth Tuckwood

Generals' Hour

Renee Markowicz

The Legend Of Serenity
Spatula Girl

Mercury Switch
Survivor Guilt

Devin de Gruyl

Sailor Moon 4200
Alan Gainsford (aka Angus MacSpon)

Cycle Of Our Souls - Heart's Thunder
M Is For Mars

Sailor Trek - The Dilithium Dilemma
Sailor Trek - The Next Generation - A Borg To Remember...
Sailor Trek - Deep Space Nine - A Sailor Paradox
Sailor Trek - Voyager - Where No Sailor Scout Has Gone Before...
Highlander Moon

Bill Harris

Sailor Orion 2
Sailor Orion 3
Sailor Moon O

LeVar Bouyer

Tsukino en Requiem - Of Broken Promises And Shattered Dreams...
Tsukino en Requiem - Lost Souls

Scott Wiesenmeyer

Sailor Moon - Crystal Eternal
John Laughlin

Cycles Of Life
Yohann DeSabrais

The Beast
The Four Lovers - Stranded


Reality Check
Grim Reality

Richard E. Rae

Sailor Journeys - Secrets Of An Unknown Past
Commander Galos

Christopher Angel

Water And Electricity
The Winds Of Fate

Black Gryphon

The End Of The Beginning

Tim Nolan

No Time For Generals
Oaths And Promises

David H. Oliver

The Fall
Akin Z.

A Darker Shade Of Pale
Silence Devoid Of Meaning
Psychosis In Excelsis
Sailor Investigation Unit
Waiting For Minako
Usagi Is Dead Usagi Is Dead Hip Hip Hooray
Usagi Is Dead II Dead Is Usagi

Dark Day For Anime

Ranma/Sailor Moon Crossover 1/2
Usagi Saotome

Andrea Hui

Altered Destiny
Ryan Dwornik

Digital Moon
A New Quest
Thanks For The Memories

Mike Koos

Sailor Moon SSX
Robyn Paterson

Rainy Day Man
Oh Starry Night

Luke Sather

The Wedding
Married Life

Mark Berger

The Crush
Sailor Chibi-Jupiter

Life - Eclipse

Greg Mareski (as Dark Ferret)


Sailor Moon/Gen13 - Moonlight Heroes

Lightning Crashes
John Hitchens

Successions Of Power

Douglas Helm

The Beginning
Unity Of Darkness And Light
The Journey Home
The Ending
Deja Vu


Dying Fire
Robin Sebaugh

Lunar Eclipses - Mako-chan's Happy Ending
Nikki Purvis

Secondary Characters - Twisting
Sailor Moon Pain - The Story

Jon Carp

Usagi And Mamoru's Love - Surprises

Jedi Moon
Saturn Knight

Farewell To A Rainbow
There's Always Rain Before A Rainbow

Kim Nguyen

Mollie Hebert

Storm Warning
Princess Makoto


The Unusual Suspects
? ? ?

A Brother's Love

Sailor Moon Z
Jeffrey Hosmer

Death Of Sailor Soldiers

more coming soon


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Read both "Let The Punishment Be The Crime" and "Divided Destiny" here!


Read "Divided Destiny" with pictures and music!
Also available: "Let The Punishment Be The Crime" and "Forever And A Day"

Read both "Let The Punishment Be The Crime" and "Divided Destiny" here!

The ONLY place you can find the complete "Divided Destiny" in one file is here!

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