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July 16 2000 - Would you believe I've got a bunch of original script ideas ready to go? I just need to write the scripts out first. It's bad to have a shot list in mind before a title is thought up, right? Ah well, it can't hurt I suppose! My previously mentioned projects will also be digitized once I free up the hard drive space to do so, keep watching!

May 30 2000 - The page moved before I made this update, so if you're here that's not news to you. The real news I have is that I've begun to seriously look into making a Director's Cut of "Lear". It's too early to really tell what I'm going to do with it, but I want to make it the promo trailer it was supposed to be.

January 15 2000 - Well, the only real Y2K bug was the current string of the flu bug that's going around. Ah well. Obviously none of my in-production projects have been completed before 2000 arrived, and all current dates have been set to 'unknown.' Don't worry, I'm still working on them, it's just that there's no way in hell I'm going to rush any of them to completion.

October 3 1999 - I've gotten more music, more scenes, and more ideas, so therefore more productions might be popping up here soon. Stay tuned...

July 18 1999 - I've added the running time to almost every movie here (I don't know the exact lengths of "Predator vs Terminator 2", "Lear" or "Totalitarianism... Or Else!"), and to find them just look by the "contains scenes of..." area at the bottom of each description. As always, The Phantom Mavericks page got a similar update.

July 9 1999 - I've added 3 publicity shots to each of the movies contained here except for "Predator vs Terminator 2", "Lear" and "Totalitarianism... Or Else!" Similar treatment has been done for every movie on The Phantom Mavericks site as well.

July 7 1999 - Wow, long time no update eh? Well, all I can really say is check out The Phantom Mavericks site to see what the hell I've been up to for the past few months :)

April 2 1999 - Vadal (aka Earl Newton) and I are officially unveiling our name and logo as The Phantom Mavericks. A special webpage for our projects will be made public soon.

"SB" [decoy] - clip hunting
"00" [decoy] - plotting ideas
"Star Wars vs Star Trek" [tentative] - pre-planning

Crossbreed boredom with Bala, Ontario and you get...
Free Time In A Small Town
short movies by Scott Summerton

When a drought of unemployment (which officially ended July 7th!) began while living in the 490 person 'retirement forest' that is Bala, Ontario, Canada, I ended up being very bored... with free time... in a small town... you get the idea. When I get free time I make my short movies. Lately that's all I've got so everything is done during Free Time In A Small Town.

What exactly are these short movies? Combinations of existing scenes from various films into one seamless movie.

That's the plan anyway.

After 1997 I lost access to video capture equipment and was therefore severly limited in the footage that was available for use. When recently gaining this exorbitant amount of free time, I was also able to amass a large selection of video and audio clips, and have now resumed my short movie making. New movies will be ready for download once space is located, while my 3 original movies are awaiting to be converted into computer files.

If everything goes according to plan (ie - someone famous notices my movies and likes my work) then I'll permanently prevent any future occurances of nasty unemployment droughts and will be getting paid for what I do during my Free Time In A Small Town.

Well, that's the plan anyway...

About me...
Scott "Cyclops" Summerton
maker of Free Time In A Small Town short movies

Birthdate - February 27, 1978
Born - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Current Occupation - attendant at Ron's Virtual World
Current Schooling - first year student in Film Production at Confederation College
Aspiration - film directing, video editing, computer games design
Talents - video editing, graphic design, fanfiction, HTML
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