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December 22nd, 2002 - I seem to go through production company names like they were going out of style. For a long time I held off of creating one for my latest, Jupiter Films. I left Free Time behind because, well, I was no longer in a small town and it isn't free time anymore. It's the real deal. Anyway, on September 3rd I lost my dog Duke, the little guy went 15+ years and finally passed on. In late November I was thinking up ideas for film titles and Black Duke crossed my mind, and I thought it would make a great company name akin to Red Baron and whatnot, could have a great logo like an old shield, and it would be a permanent tribute to my bestest little friend. As for the custom logo, well, I also got a girlfriend in this timespan and she's one hell of an artist, so its all good. Naturally I'm in leagues with Earl Newton still, aka Vadal, and his Southern Ronin Productions. The current page is based on my old site designs and a new one will be up once 2003 begins, as well as a new logo to replace the doodled one by my one and only.

"Love Rhombus" - casting/location scouting
"Hyde & Seek" - plotting ideas
"Darkroom" - writing treatment
"Never Call Wolf" - logistics planning
"Chairmen" - conceptualizing
"The Girl In The Guestbook" - writing treatment

Two years of film school and this is what you get...
Black Duke Productions
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In 1999 I met Earl Newton via and took the name Free Time In A Small Town, and later with Earl took The Phantom Mavericks. In 2000 I began Film Production at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. Also that year I shot two short films, with a third in 2001 (and a new name in The Last Minute Productions) and my thesis film in 2002. Beginning that year I switched Last Minute to Jupiter Films and went and got myself a beautiful girlfriend, and Earl started Southern Ronin Productions. Oh yeah, I graduated too and started working as an editor at Maverick. Now with 2002 ending I'm preparing to alter Jupiter to Black Duke Productions in honour of my dog who passed away in September. This one's gonna stick.

I'm dedicated to making movies of all kinds. Action, drama, horror, comedy, documentary, mockumentary, shorts and yes, even romance. That's my plan, and the future has just begun...

Oh yeah, if you're wondering who this Earl character is, we basically bounce ideas off of each other and laugh at the other's taste in movies. :)

About me...
Scott "Cyclops" Summerton
founder: Black Duke Productions

Born - February 27, 1978 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Current Occupation - video editor at Maverick Entertainment Group
graduate of Film Production at Confederation College
Aspiration - film directing, video editing, computer games design
Talents - filmmaking, video editing, graphic design, fanfiction, HTML
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