Women's Championship

Title Holder




The Fabulous Moolah Judy Grable Sep 18/56 Baltimore, Maryand
Wendi Richter The Fabulous Moolah Jul 23/84 New York, New York
Lelani Kai Wendi Richter Feb 18/85 New York, New York
Wendi Richter Lelani Kai Mar 31/85 New York, New York
Spider Lady
(after match unmasked as
The Fabulous Moolah)
Wendi Richter Nov 11/85 New York, New York
Velvet McIntyre The Fabulous Moolah Jul 3/86 Brisbane, Australia
The Fabulous Moolah Velvet McIntyre Jul 9/86 Sydney, Australia
Sensational Sherri Martel The Fabulous Moolah Jul 24/87 Houston, Texas
Rockin' Robin Sensational Sherri Martel Oct 7/87 Paris, France
vacant became inactive 1990 ?
Alundra Blayze Heidi Lee Morgan Dec 13/93 Poughkeepsie, New York
Bull Nakano Alundra Blayze Nov 27/94 Tokyo, Japan
Alundra Blayze Bull Nakano Apr 3/95 Poughkeepsie, New York
Bertha Faye Alundra Blayze Aug 27/95 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Alundra Blayze Bertha Faye Oct 23/95 Brandon, Manitoba
inactive abandonded Dec 18/95 location of WCW Monday Nitro
Jacqueline Sable Sep 15/98 Sacramento, California
Sable Jacqueline Nov 15/98 St. Louis, Missouri
Debra Sable May 10/99 Orlando, Florida
Ivory Debra Jun 8/99 Worcester, Massachusetts
The Fabulous Moolah Ivory Oct 17/99 Cleveland, Ohio
Ivory The Fabulous Moolah Oct 25/99 Providence, Rhode Island
Miss Kitty Ivory Dec 12/99 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
(after match unwigged as
Harvey Wippleman)
The Kat [Miss Kitty] Jan 31/00 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jacqueline Harvey Wippleman Feb 1/00 Detroit, Michigan
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Jacqueline Mar 28/00 San Antonio, Texas
Lita Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley Aug 21/00 Lafayette, Louisiana

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Sources - PWI Almanac, Top Rope Newsletter

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