Intercontinental Championship

Title Holder




Pat Patterson ? Sep ?/79 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Ken Patera Pat Patterson Apr 21/80 New York, New York
Pedro Morales Ken Patera Dec 8/80 New York, New York
The Magnificient Muraco Pedro Morales Jun 20/81 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pedro Morales The Magnificient Muraco Nov 23/81 New York, New York
The Magnificient Muraco Pedro Moraels Jan 22/83 New York, New York
Tito Santana The Magnificient Muraco Feb 11/84 Boston, Massachusetts
Greg Valentine Tito Santana Sep 24/84 London, Ontario
Tito Santana Greg Valentine Jul 6/85 Baltimore, Maryland
Randy Savage Tito Santana Feb 8/86 Boston, Massachusetts
Ricky Steamboat Randy Savage Mar 29/87 Pontiac, Michigan
The Honky Tonk Man Ricky Steamboat Jun 2/87 Buffalo, New York
The Ultimate Warrior The Honky Tonk Man Aug 29/88 New York, New York
Ravishing Rick Rude The Ultimate Warrior Apr 2/89 Atlantic City, New Jersey
The Ultimate Warrior Ravishing Rick Rude Aug 28/89 East Rutherford, New Jersey
vacant won Championship Apr 1?/90 ?
Mr. Perfect Tito Santana Apr 23/90 Austin, Texas
Kerry Von Erich Mr. Perfect Aug 27/90 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mr. Perfect Kerry Von Erich Nov 19/90 Rochester, New York
Bret Hart Mr. Perfect Aug 26/91 New York, New York
The Mountie Bret Hart Jan 17/92 Springfield, Illinois
Rowdy Roddy Piper The Mountie Jan 19/92 Albany, New York
Bret Hart Rowdy Roddy Piper Apr 5/92 Indianapolis, Indiana
The British Bulldog Bret Hart Aug 29/92 London, England
Shawn Michaels The British Bulldog Oct 27/92 Terre Haute, Indiana
Marty Jannetty Shawn Michaels May 17/93 New York, New York
Shawn Michaels Marty Jannetty Jun 6/93 Albany, New York
vacant stripped/lack of defenses Sep20?/93 ?
Razor Ramon Rick Martel Sep 27/93 New Haven, Connecticuit
Diesel Razor Ramon Apr 14/94 Rochester, New York
Razor Ramon Diesel Aug 29/94 Chicago, Illinois
Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon Jan 22/95 Tampa, Florida
vacant controversial win Apr 19/95 ?
Jeff Jarrett Bob Holly Apr 26/95 Moline, Indiana
Razor Ramon Jeff Jarrett May 19/95 Montreal, Quebec
Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon May 22/95 Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
Shawn Michaels Jeff Jarrett Jul 23/95 Nashville, Tennessee
Dean Douglas forfeit from head injury Oct 22/95 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Razor Ramon Dean Douglas Oct 22/95 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Goldust Razor Ramon Jan 21/96 Fresno, California
vacant controversial win Mar 25/96 ?
Goldust Savio Vega Apr 1/96 San Bernardino, California
Ahmed Johnson Goldust Jun 23/96 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
vacant forfeit from kidney injury Sep 2?/96 ?
Marc Mero Faarooq Sep 23/96 Hershey, Pennsylvania
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Marc Mero Oct 21/96 Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rocky Maivia Hunter Hearst Helmsley Feb 13/97 Lowell, Massachusetts
Owen Hart Rocky Maivia Apr 28/97 Omaha, Nebraska
Stone Cold Steve Austin Owen Hart Aug 3/97 East Rutherford, New Jersey
vacant forfeit from spine injury Sep 7/97 Louisville, Kentucky
Owen Hart Faarooq Oct 5/97 St. Louis, Missouri
Stone Cold Steve Austin Owen Hart Nov 9/97 Montreal, Quebec
Rocky Maivia Stone Cold Steve Austin Dec 8/97 Portland, Maine
Triple H The Rock (Rocky Maivia) Aug 30/98 New York, New York
vacant forfeit from knee injury Oct 8/98 Stamford, Connecticut
Ken Shamrock X-Pac Oct 12/98 Uniondale, New York
Val Venis Ken Shamrock Feb 14/99 Memphis, Tennessee
Road Dogg Jesse James Val Venis Mar 15/99 San Jose, California
Goldust Road Dogg Jesse James Mar 29/99 East Rutherford, New Jersey
The Godfather Goldust Apr 12/99 Detroit, Michigan
Jeff Jarrett The Godfather May 25/99 Moline, Illinois
Test Jeff Jarrett Jun 8/99 Worcester, Massachusetts
Jeff Jarrett referee reverses decision,
Jarrett's reign continues,
Test's reign invalid
Jun 8/99 Worcester, Massachusetts
Edge Jeff Jarrett Jul 24/99 Toronto, Ontario
Jeff Jarrett Edge Jul 25/99 Buffalo, New York
D-Lo Brown Jeff Jarrett Jul 27/99 Columbus, Ohio
Jeff Jarrett D-Lo Brown Aug 22/99 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chyna Jeff Jarrett Sep 26/99 Charlotte, North Carolina
Jeff Jarrett referee reverses decision,
Jarrett's reign continues,
Chyna's reign invalid
Sep 26/99 Charlotte, North Carolina
Chyna Jeff Jarrett Oct 17/99 Cleveland, Ohio
Chris Jericho Chyna Dec 12/99 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Chris Jericho
& Chyna
co-Champions due to double pin,
Jericho's reign continues
Dec 28/99 Richmond, Virginia
Chris Jericho Chyna,
Jericho's reign continues
Jan 23/00 New York, New York
Kurt Angle Chris Jericho Feb 27/00 Hartford, Connecticut
Chris Benoit Chris Jericho Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Chris Jericho Chris Benoit May 2/00 Richmond, Virginia
Chris Benoit Chris Jericho May 8/00 Uniondale, New York
Rikishi Phatu Chris Benoit Jun 20/00 Memphis, Tennessee
Val Venis Rikishi Phatu Jul 4/00 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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