Hardcore Championship

Title Holder




Mankind presented by WWF Owner Nov 2/98 Houston, Texas
The Big Boss Man Mankind Nov 30/98 Baltimore, Maryland
Road Dogg Jesse James The Big Boss Man Dec 15/98 Spokane, Washington
vacant forfeit from neck injury Feb 14/99 Memphis, Tennessee
Bob Holly Al Snow Feb 14/99 Memphis, Tennessee
Badd Ass Billy Gunn Hardcore Holly [Bob Holly] Mar 15/99 San Jose, California
Hardcore Holly Al Snow Mar 28/99 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Al Snow Hardcore Holly Apr 25/99 Providence, Rhode Island
The Big Boss Man Al Snow Jul 25/99 Buffalo, New York
Al Snow The Big Boss Man Aug 22/99 Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Big Boss Man Al Snow Aug 24/99 Kansas City, Missouri
The British Bulldog The Big Boss Man Sep 7/99 Albany, New York
Al Snow awarded by The British Bulldog Sep 7/99 Albany, New York
The Big Boss Man The Big Show Oct 12/99 Birmingham, Alabama
Test The Big Boss Man Jan 17/00 New Haven, Connecticut
Crash Holly Test Feb 23/00 Nashville, Tennessee
Pete Gas Crash Holly Mar 13/00 Newark, New Jersey
Crash Holly Pete Gas Mar 13/00 Newark, New Jersey
Tazz Crash Holly Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Viscera Tazz Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Funaki Viscera Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Rodney Funaki Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Joey Abs Rodney Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Thrasher Joey Abs Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Pete Gas Thrasher Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Tazz Pete Gas Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Crash Holly Tazz Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Hardcore Holly Crash Holly Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Crash Holly Hardcore Holly Apr 3/00 Los Angeles, California
Perry Saturn Crash Holly Apr 11/00 Tampa, Florida
Tazz Perry Saturn Apr 11/00 Tampa, Florida
Crash Holly Tazz Apr 11/00 Tampa, Florida
Matt Hardy Crash Holly Apr 24/00 Raleigh, North Carolina
Crash Holly Matt Hardy Apr 25/00 Charlotte, North Carolina
The British Bulldog Crash Holly May 6/00 London, England
Crash Holly The British Bulldog May 9/00 New Haven, Connecticut
'One Of The Godfather's Hos' Crash Holly May 15/00 Cleveland, Ohio
Crash Holly 'One Of The Godfather's Hos' May 15/00 Cleveland, Ohio
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly May 16/00 Detroit, Michigan
Crash Holly Gerald Brisco Jun 12/00 St. Louis, Missouri
Gerald Brisco Crash Holly Jun 19/00 Nashville, Tennessee
Pat Patterson Gerald Brisco Jun 19/00 Nashville, Tennessee
Crash Holly Pat Patterson Jun 25/00 Boston, Massachusetts
Steve Blackman Crash Holly Jun 27/00 Hartford, Connecticut
Crash Holly Steve Blackman Jul 2/00 Tampa, Florida
Steve Blackman Crash Holly Jul 2/00 Tampa, Florida
Shane McMahon Steve Blackman Aug 21/00 Lafayette, Louisiana

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