European Championship

Title Holder




The British Bulldog Owen Hart Mar 3/97 Berlin, Germany
Shawn Michaels The British Bulldog Sep 20/97 Birmingham, England
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Shawn Michaels Dec 11/97 Lowell, Massachusetts
Owen Hart The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust Jan 20/98 Davis, California
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Owen Hart Mar 16/98 Phoenix, Arizona
D-Lo Brown Hunter Hearst Helmsley Jul 14/98 Binghamton, New York
X-Pac D-Lo Brown Sep 15/98 Sacramento, California
D-Lo Brown X-Pac Sep 29/98 East Lansing, Michigan
X-Pac D-Lo Brown Oct 18/98 Chicago, Illinois
Shane McMahon X-Pac Feb 15/99 Birmingham, Alabama
inactive retired by Shane McMahon Mar 30/99 Uniondale, New York
Mideon claimed/appeared with belt Jun 21/99 Memphis, Tennessee
D-Lo Brown Mideon Jul 25/99 Buffalo, New York
Jeff Jarrett D-Lo Brown Aug 22/99 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mark Henry awarded by Jeff Jarrett Aug 23/99 Ames, Iowa
D-Lo Brown Mark Herny Sep 26/99 Charlotte, North Carolina
The British Bulldog D-Lo Brown Oct 26/99 Springfield, Massachusetts
Val Venis The British Bulldog Dec 12/99 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Kurt Angle Val Venis Feb 8/00 Austin, Texas
Chris Jericho Chris Benoit Apr 2/00 Anaheim, California
Eddie Guerrero Chris Jericho Apr 3/00 Los Angeles, California
Perry Saturn Eddie Guerrero Jul 23/00 Dallas, Texas
Al Snow Perry Saturn Aug 29/00 Fayetteville, North Carolina
William Regal Al Snow Oct 16/00 Detroit, Michigan
Crash Holly William Regal Dec 3/00 Sheffield, England
William Regal Crash Holly Dec 4/00 East Rutherford, New Jersey
Test William Regal Jan 22/01 Lafayette, Louisiana
Eddie Guerrero Test Apr 1/01 Houston, Texas
Matt Hardy Eddie Guerrero Apr 24/01 Denver, Colorado
Hurricane Helms Matt Hardy Aug 27/01 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Bradshaw The Hurricane [Hurricane Helms] Oct 22/01 Kansas City, Missouri
Christian Bradshaw Oct 30/01 Cincinnati, Ohio
Diamond Dallas Page Christian Jan 29/02 Norfolk, Virginia
William Regal Diamond Dallas Page Mar 19/02 Ottawa, Ontario
Spike Dudley William Regal Apr 8/02 Phoenix, Arizona
William Regal Spike Dudley May 6/02 Hartford, Connecticut
Jeff Hardy William Regal Jul 8/02 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy Jul 22/02 Grand Rapids, Michigan
unified with Intercontinental Championship Jul 22/02 Grand Rapids, Michigan

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