World Hardcore Championship

Title Holder




Fit Finley Hak Jul 11/99 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
inactive due to leg injury Jul 25/99 Jackson, Mississippi
Norman Smiley Horace Oct 18/99 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Norman Smiley Bam Bam Bigelow Oct 25/99 Phoenix, Arizona
Screamin' Norman Smiley Brian Knobs Nov 21/99 Toronto, Ontario
Brian Knobs Screamin' Norman Smiley Jan 11/00 Erie, Pennsylvania
Bam Bam Bigelow Brian Knobs Feb 7/00 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Brian Knobs Bam Bam Bigelow Feb 20/00 San Francisco, California
(Evan, Shannon & Shane)
Brian Knobs,
co-champions due to triple pin
Feb 28/00 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Brian Knobs Shannon Mar 19/00 Miami, Florida
vacant stripped/new direction Apr 10/00 Denver, Colorado
Terry Funk Screamin' Norman Smiley Apr 16/00 Chicago, Illinois
The Franchise Shane Douglas Terry Funk May 22/00 Grand Rapids, Michigan
(after match unmasked as
Terry Funk)
The Franchise Shane Douglas May 23/00 Saginaw, Michigan
Eric Bischoff Terry Funk Jun 5/00 Atlanta, Georgia
The Mamalukes
(Big Vito & Johnny The Bull)
awarded by Eric Bischoff,
Jun 6/00 Knoxville, Tennessee
Big Vito Terry Funk,
Vito's reign continues
Jun 12/00 Richmond, Virginia
Lance Storm Big Vito Jul 24/00 Cleveland, Ohio
renamed as WCW Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title Jul 31/00 Cincinnati, Ohio
Carl Oulette awarded by Lance Storm Aug 14/00 Kelowna, British Columbia
Screamin' Norman Smiley Carl Oulette Aug 14/00 Kelowna, British Columbia
renamed as WCW Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title Jul 31/00 Cincinnati, Ohio
vacant stripped by WCW Boss-For-A-Day Sep 25/00 Uniondale, New York
Reno Sgt. A-Wall Oct 2/00 San Francisco, California
Crowbar Reno Nov 6/00 Chicago, Illinois
Terry Funk Crowbar Dec 17/00 Washington, DC
Meng Terry Funk Jan 14/01 Indianapolis, Indiana
inactive abandoned/Meng left WCW Jan 22/01 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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