World Cruiserweight Championship

known as WCW Light Heavyweight Championship until reinstated Mar 20/96

Title Holder




Flyin' Brian Ricky Morton Oct 27/91 Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jushin Liger Flyin' Brian Dec 25/91 Atlanta, Georgia
Flyin' Brian Jushin Liger Feb 29/92 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Scotty Flamingo Flyin' Brian Jun 20/92 Augusta, Georgia
Brad Armstrong Scotty Flamingo Jul 5/92 Atlanta, Georgia
vacant stripped/lack of defenses Sep 2/92 Atlanta, Georgia
reinstated as WCW World Cruiserweight Championship Mar 20/96 Nagoya, Japan
Omari Chris Benoit Mar 20/96 Nagoya, Japan
Dean Malenko Omari May 2/96 Orlando, Florida
Rey Mysterio, Jr. Dean Malenko Sep 8/96 Orlando, Florida
Dean Malenko Rey Mysterio, Jr. Oct 27/96 Las Vegas, Nevada
The Ultimate Dragon Dean Malenko Dec 29/96 Nashville, Tennessee
Dean Malenko The Ultimate Dragon Jan 21/97 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Syxx Dean Malenko Feb 23/97 San Francisco, California
Chris Jericho Syxx Jun 28/97 Los Angeles, California
Alex Wright Chris Jericho Jul 28/97 Charleston, West Virginia
Chris Jericho Alex Wright Aug 16/97 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Eddie Guerrero Chris Jericho Sep 14/97 Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Rey Mysterio, Jr. Eddie Guerrero Oct 26/97 Las Vegas, Nevada
Eddie Guerrero Rey Mysterio, Jr. Nov 10/97 Memphis, Tennessee
Ultimo Dragon Eddie Guerrero Dec 29/97 Baltimore, Maryland
Juventud Guerrera Ultimo Dragon Jan 8/98 Daytona Beach, Florida
Rey Mysterio, Jr. Juventud Guerrera Jan 15/98 Lakeland, Florida
Chris Jericho Rey Mysterio, Jr. Jan 24/98 Dayton, Ohio
Dean Malenko Chris Jericho May 17/98 Worcester, Massachusetts
vacant willingly forfeit Jun 11/98 Buffalo, New York
Chris Jericho Dean Malenko Jun 14/98 Baltimore, Maryland
Rey Mysterio, Jr. Chris Jericho Jul 12/98 San Diego, California
Chris Jericho WCW Official reverses decision,
Jericho's reign continues,
Mysterio's reign invalid
Jul 13/98 ?
Juventud Guerrera Chris Jericho Aug 8/98 Sturgis, South Dakota
Kidman Juventud Guerrera Sep 14/98 Greenville, South Carolina
Juventud Guerrera Kidman Nov 16/98 Wichita, Kansas
Kidman Juventud Guerrera Nov 22/98 Auburn Hills, Michigan
Rey Mysterio, Jr. Kidman Mar 15/99 Cincinnati, Ohio
Psychosis Blitzkrieg Apr 19/99 Gainsville, Florida
Rey Mysterio, Jr. Psychosis Apr 26/99 Fargo, North Dakota
Lenny Rey Mysterio, Jr. Aug 19/99 Lubbock, Texas
Psychosis Lenny Oct 4/99 Kansas City, Missouri
Disco Inferno Psychosis Oct 4/99 Kansas City, Missouri
Evan Karagias Disco Inferno Nov 21/99 Toronto, Ontario
Madusa Evan Karagias Dec 19/99 Washington, DC
Oklahoma Madusa Jan 16/00 Cincinnati, Ohio
vacant relinquished Jan 18/00 Evansville, Indiana
The Artist Formerly
Known As Prince Iaukea
Lash LeRoux Feb 20/00 San Francisco, California
Billy Kidman The Artist Formerly
Known As Prince Iaukea
Mar 30/00 Baltimore, Maryland
vacant stripped/new direction Apr 10/00 Denver, Colorado
Chris Candido The Artist Formerly
Known As Prince Iaukea
Apr 16/00 Chicago, Illinois
& Daffney
May 15/00 Biloxi, Mississippi
Daffney Crowbar,
Daffney's reign continues
May 22/00 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lieutenant Loco Disco Inferno Jun 6/00 Knoxville, Tennessee
Lance Storm Lieutenant Loco Jul 31/00 Cincinnati, Ohio
renamed as WCW 100 Kilograms Or Less Championship Aug 1/00 Terre Haute, Indiana
Elix Skipper awarded by Lance Storm Aug 14/00 Kelowna, British Columbia

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