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September 1 2000 - A new Downloads page has been added for a simpler and faster way of getting at the files.

August 30 2000 - Today I registered for my Film Production course at Confederation College, then talked with a few select people about some select cool things. :) Anyway, the main reason for this update is the fact that a whole whack of the movies are now online for downloading! They are zipped .avi files, and only the "Starlight Foundation" spot and "The Dr. Lowell Show" have yet to be uploaded.

August 26 2000 - Vadal and I heard some kickass news from today, but we'll sit on that for a bit for now. In the meantime we've actually got a new finished spoof commercial! "1-800-BOBA-FETT", a project that has been in the works since April 1999 is now finally complete, and may be the last under our banner as The Phantom Mavericks... Rest assured though, there will be more from us rather soon. In the meantime, I'm working on uploading all our shorts to this very website, so they should all be downloadable in the near future.

July 16 2000 - Talked to Vadal last night, he's almost done filming his current project and should be cutting a trailer of it today! I can't wait to see it! It's called "Paranoid_32", but I like "Hidden Agenda" (my title for it) better. :)

May 17 2000 - Vadal's begun filming his current film, this page has a new URL, and I'm moving in a few days preparing for my Film Production course at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It's all good. :)

January 15 2000 - Vadal's working hard on a few projects of his own, but that in-progress radio play (in which I have a hilarious role!) is still underway, though moving at a near-glacial pace.

October 3 1999 - I just completed my lines for Vadal's in-progress radio play, and when all is completed hopefully we can figure out a way to host it along with the movies we've created, which ALSO need hosting! Help!

July 18 1999 - I've added the running time to each movie here, to find it just look by the "contains scenes of..." area at the bottom of each description. As before, Free Time In A Small Town's movies get similar treatment.

July 9 1999 - I've added 3 publicity shots to each of the movies contained here, as well as at my Free Time In A Small Town page. I've also contacted a great site called the Mos Eisley Multiplex and informed them of the movies here. What happens from that remains to be seen.

July 7 1999 - I finally got off my lazy ass and finished up the web page after months of working on it! My personal works for Countdown TV are up on my Current Movies page at Free Time In A Small Town. Soon I hope to add screenshots of the title screens for each one that I can get a snap of, as well as a host for public downloads.

North Meets South? I guess Ontario and Florida constitute that...
The Phantom Mavericks
spoofs and original works by Scott Summerton and Earl Newton

In mid-April the guys at Countdown To Star Wars put out a call for creative types who had scripts for airing on the Internet broadcast station airing live "from the line" for The Phantom Menace. Many new friendships were made during this, but one of the wackier ones was between Scott Summerton (aka Cyclops) and Earl Newton (aka Vadal)

Vadal posted 4 script ideas for commercial spoofs. I (Cyclops) said I could make one very easily (Got Maul?) and did. From that point on we've been making ad after ad ever since. We were excited: a massive international audience and potential media coverage for an amateur video editor in Ontario and a budding script writer in Florida. Things were looking pretty damn good.

After we had created many MANY works, be it a 2 minute music video or a 10 second joke about Darth Maul, we waited for the airdate to roll around. Countdown TV was to be a 24 hours a day broadcast for 30 days leading up to the eventual premiere of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

That was the plan anyway.

Countdown TV premiered at least 10 days late, and to the best of my knowledge none of our work aired. Vadal and I are not the only ones in this situation, and it is a true shame that many of the projects from those creative people didn't get the promised airtime on Countdown TV. Lincoln and his crew are hardly to blame however as they were swept up in the chaos of actually being on the line itself. It was perhaps a little too ambitious, but that experience will undoubtedly prevent similar occurances in the future.

The main reason for no broadcasting of our work was likely the lack of digital submissions working properly. For weeks leading up to the scheduled premiere date of Countdown TV (April 19th) we were assured that digital submissions would be accepted. However, once the actual premiere date occured we found that they wanted hard copies: VHS tapes. Many of us lacked the ability to convert our work to such a format, but soon found that digital submissions were infact being accepted on a private FTP. Elated, we submitted our work and awaited a response.

It came.

Within 2 weeks of Episode I's premiere we were informed that the FTP site had something wrong with it and that our work could not be retrieved. Because of the hectic atmosphere at the time no further statements were released.

Regardless of that, the fact remains that Vadal and I alone were the major creative force behind 15 to 20 projects, all of which are described on the pages within. We may have found a permanent host so that our work can be downloaded for public viewing in hopes that our work will finally get the audience it deserves...

The fans.

Scott "Cyclops" Summerton
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Earl Newton, aka Vadal
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